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Best Pepper Ever is a social purpose brand of the best pepper in the world.

During the COVID-19 crisis we have increased the charitable portion from 35% to 50%. See list below.

When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper your purchase not only helps local causes but is integral in rebuilding an industry virtually destroyed by the Pol Pot regime. Read more of the history and rationale here. We have created a unique program to help fund charitable, non-profit and community initiatives. When you purchase Kampot Pepper ‘the best pepper in the world’  35% 50% of the purchase price goes to the organization of your choice.

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To all pepper lovers: Once you try Kampot Pepper no other pepper will do. You can choose to support any of the groups, programs or organizations below. Make Kampot Pepper your tabletop choice and help your community at this critical time.

Registrants: Below is an example of a Pepper Widget that you can place on your (or your supporters) website/newsletters and/or emails.  Complete the free registration and we will add your logo and message to your widget or work with you to design a custom one. Once completed we then send you the widget and the code to include in social media, emails or newsletters and websites.

Sample Pepper Widget
Sample widget featuring Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.

If 1/10th of one percent of North American consumers chose Kampot Pepper as their tabletop choice that could provide up to 50 Million Meals a year through Food Banks.

This Social Purpose portal is a first step in the long-term vision for creating a community-based, Fair Trade distribution system not just for pepper growers and salt producers in Cambodia but for small organic spice growers around the globe. The $16 Billion global spice market is ripe for a ‘Disruption for Good’ play. Our long term goal is to secure 2% of that market and that would fund over one billion meals a year. That is our social purpose.